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Koasanacht - Kirchdorfer Summer Night Fest​


Saturday the first of august

Vegetable Market
Farmers market St. Johann​

Every friday the town of St. Johann organizes a market where you'll find all the local farmers selling their products. You can try some of the fresh vegetables, cheeses and many other products from around! 

"Lang & Klang" in St. Johann in Tirol

In July and August the town centre of St. Johann turns into a promenade with life music on different stages and a great playing street for the children.

Knödelfest ​

The longest "dumpling table" in the world, will be set up on saturday, September 19, 2020 as part of the 39th dumpling festival in St. Johann in Tirol.  The Knödelfest has already achieved a cult status with a 595 meters long table with uncountable different dumplings.

Open-Air Concert of the Kirchdorf Brass Band

Every tuesday the local Brass Band plays for everyone on the town square near the church. Enjoy a nice little festival setting, with some beers and friends. When it isn't nice and sunny outside the concert will move to the "dorfsaal" 

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